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Five Things You Should Think About When Choosing Your Shoes

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

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Five Things You Should Think About When Choosing Your Shoes

As you probably know we are all different. What works for one person may not work for you. I’ve had many different patient’s telling me they feel better in flat shoes to feeling better in higher heeled shoes, feeling better in shoes that seem too narrow for their feet or wearing shoes that are too big to get the correct width. So, I’ve come up with a list of five quick things that are good to consider when buying some shoes – especially shoes that you will be wearing most of the time anyway:

  1. Think about the sole unit– if you feel like you ‘go over’ in your ankles it’s better to wear a wider soled shoe – adidas trainers are great for designing these styles at the moment, the sole is even wide under the instep if you feel you need more support in this area. If it’s everyday shoes I would always get a wider sole unit which is thicker and quite cushioned.

  2. Think about the flexibility – this is very important and one that varies accordingly mainly depending on activity and what you will be wearing your shoes for. A shoe that flexes a lot when you twist it will not offer much support if you were going to do a lot of walking for example or if you are experiencing pain in your foot or ankle. If you kneel a lot for work you might need a little bit more flexibility at the toes to do this comfortably.

  3. Think about the height of the heel – The foot isn’t completely flat so it’s good for a shoe to contour to natural contour of the foot. The best way I can describe flat shoes is just to think of a straight line. When you look at probably all trainers you’ll see that the heel is always slightly higher at the back compared with the front – you can think of this when buying any style of shoe and pick ones that work best for you.

  4. Think about the material and style – Sometimes I just have to look at shoes and they hurt my feet – however there are so many other styles out there that are fashionable and will work for you. Material choice is important, if you need much more support then wearing the popular fabric trainers will limit this. If you are diabetic material choice is very important and making sure there are no seams that may cause rubbing. It is always good to check the seams and stitching of both shoes for any flaws as any usually cause general discomfort.

  5. Think about the size – It’s amazing how many people we see wearing shoes that are the incorrect size. Predominately it is smaller shoes we see fitting to bigger feet. We get so use to wearing this incorrect and snug size that when we do put on the correct size they feel like boats. Especially if you are wearing shoes that are too small the width of the shoe is most likely to also be too small for you making in uncomfortable and causing avoidable foot problems if the correct size and style is worn.

If you apply all these considerations and are still having problems, please come and see me.

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