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Hacks You Need To Know If You Are Living With Bunions

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

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Hacks You Need To Know If You Are Living With Bunions.

Bunions can really limit the style of shoes you wear and cause a lot of discomfort. These are some steps you should take to ensure your feet are not left aching all day.

  1. Invest in some insoles which can help support and reduce pain. The design of insoles for bunions is very important – they need to be slim as to not take up too room in your shoes.

  2. Ensure any seams or trims of your shoes do not pass over your bunion. Any seams that do especially in pump shoes aggravate your bunion. A tell-tale sign of shoes that are rubbing on your bunion is when the bunion is aggressively red.

  3. If you feel your shoes are too tight – either avoid wearing them or have them stretched at the cobbler.

  4. When buying shoes – try on different styles and feel across the top to check for any tightness across the bunion.

  5. You can miss out the first eyelet on the inside of your shoe to relieve pressure over the bunion – this honestly works miracles.

  6. Make sure your everyday shoes are supportive, are relatively plain at the front and don’t have any seams that pass over or are near your bunion as this usually creates a tightness in the material which aggravates the bunion.

  7. Visit Calla shoes – they have amazing shoes for ladies who have bunions and are looking for stylish alternatives. DB footwear and Cosyfeet also do great wider and deeper styles of footwear for both men and women. 

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